For the pilgrims


Mount Athos can only be reached by ferry. The land border is closed with a fence and there are police posts that are monitoring the order and do not allow women or men to enter the territory of Mount Athos.
It’s a good idea to book tickets for your group well in advance - like a month, because there is a lot of interest.

Contact the Shipping Company:
Agioritikes grammes
+30 2377021041,
+30 2377071149

E-mail address -

Website -

In the winter, there are often strong winds that prevent ships from travelling. You can call the Port Administration in Uranupoli for reference:
Tel. +30 2377071248

Paid parking is available here.

A ticket for the ferry can be purchased from the Ticket Centre after 08:00. The price for a ticket to Zografou (our monastery) is €9,50.
There is only one ferry daily. It departs at 09:45, but you must be at the pier well in advance to have your ID, diamonitirion and ticket checked. 
For our Monastery, you have to disembark at this harbour - Arsanas Zografou. The ferry arrives shortly before 11:00. It depends on the conditions in the sea.