For the pilgrims

In the monastery

A car will be waiting at the port for luggage and less able passengers for both ferries from Uranopolis and Daphne.  The other are are kindly asked to reach the monastery by foot. The distance is about 5 km.

There are no taxis or buses to anywhere from our monastery! Exception: a bus is provided twice to our pier for the ferry from Ouranopoli to Daphne and the return ferry.

For people who want to take the ferry to Daphne, there is a bus to the monastery harbour at 10:20. The ferry arrives at the port around 10:45 - 11:00 according to the sea.

For departure from the Monastery, the next day, at 12:20 there is a car to the Monastery's harbour for the ferry. The ferry from Daphne to Ouranoupoli arrives around 12:45 at our harbour.

Attention! The time in the monastery does not change according to Daylight Saving Time!

Guests coming from another monastery are kindly asked to arrive after 10:00 and by 14:00 at the latest so that they can be accommodated in the archontariki (guesthouse).

There are no fees for food and accommodation in the Monastery. You can leave your donations at the church.

The visit is one day, but when you arrive at the Monastery, you can ask to be allowed to stay longer. But then you will be asked to help us in our daily work (whatever you are assigned).