The Monastery

The katholikon

The katholikon of the Holy Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer was built in 1801 with the sponsorship of the Prohegumens (former Hegumens – Abbots) Evtimy and Porfiry. It was painted in 1817 by the Monks Mitrofan, Damaskin, Yoasaf and Nikifor, disciples of the icon-painter Nikifor Zograf, who died in 1816, and whose work are the frescoes in the holy altar. Donors of the frescoes were the Protosyncellus of the Eparchy of Sofia, Archimandrite Yoil of Serres, and Yona Altaparmakov of Vidin. In 1818, four marble thrones were placed in the narthex of the church. On them, the names of Archimandrite Antim of Zograf of Serres, Hadzhi Vikenty, Prohegumen Zachary and Mr. Milyo, Abbot Yoaniky and again Mr. Milyo are marked. On the right side of the entrance to the narthex are life-size paintings of the main donors of the Monastery. The iconostasis of the katholikon was completed and gilded in 1834.